THE WHY – Billy Yang

Why do you run?

Ok, that’s easy: for the love of the sport, the adrenaline, the rush, the feeling of becoming stronger, the healtier lifestyle, …

But why do you want to run 100miles? Ok, let me explain!

Or even better, watch this movie.


“The human body was designed to move, to hunt, to be pushed and tested, but somewhere along the way, comfort became the key to happiness. But these material things never seemed to make us happy. And in the process, we’ve softened both mentally as well as physically. When did we loose our way?” -Billy Yang.


“We” runners are not looking for prices or recognition, we run because we need it, because it makes us complete. it makes us who we are.

As for me, I truly believe, running makes me a better man, a loving father and husband. How cliché that may seem, that’s worth more than any trofee.

(Picture: Leadville 100)

Want to know more about how an ultrarace evolves? This documentary gives you a perfect and honest impression. There’s a lot of everything: running, walking, laughing, swearing, … finishing.

(picture: leadville 100)

As for us, we haven’t run a 100miler … yet.

Our next stop brings us to Scotland, an epic 8day race: CAPE WRATH ULTRA

More info soon:)

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