Les Ardennes – 3 days of running.

We love to be outdoors, to go running, to discover new places. And we could do this all day, every day. But let’s be honest, we all have a job to do, and unfortunately, that job is far way from the ‘mountain life’.

Luckily, I’m very easily satisfied. Give me a jar of nutella and I’ll say I had the best breakfast ever. The same goes for running, it doesn’t need to be all that spectacular, every single time. A quick run around the block and my colleagues will see the better part of me for the rest of the day. But a getaway once in a while never hurts now does it?

My wife took me to Les Cabanes De Rensiwez. A late birthday gift, as in, I could go running all day, she could relax by the fireplace…

As for running, TOP NOTCH. It’s located in the area of Houffalize, not far from Spa, less then 10k from the lake of Nisramont. All together, great running territory. You can follow walking paths, mountainbike routes, … You’ll manage:)


Up on arrival, in the early evening, I did a quick ‘discovery lap’: 1h20 -easy pace

Tried some Yoga for the first time, and probably the last time, so no pictures needed…

It was all about day 2.

I wanted to do a nice day outdoors, aiming for a 4h run with some uphill & downhill work.

Quick tip, try one of these: CLIF BAR

Ended up totally nackered, but happy as a hippo.

And to top it all off: Food food and more food.

On day 3, I did a small recovery run, nothing schmancy:)


Our two main goals for this year. Up on the blog asap.

Cheers. Keep on running.

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