What to read.

Not feelin’ your running vibe for the moment? Or feeling it 10000% and want to keep pushing?

Either ways, here’s some reading material that will keep you going.

Want to discover new races: ultra, mountain, multistage, … ?

In search for new adventurous hotspots? Feel like getting inspired by the best of the best? Read about their ‘stories’ & getting pointers on how to become a better runner?

These 2 books will make you dream of running the world:


GRAND TRAIL – Frédéric Berg / Alexis Berg



If you want to get up close and personal with two of today’s top elite mountainrunners, here are their ‘stories’.

RUN OR DIE –  Kilian Jornet

TRAIL BLAZER – Ryan Sandes

I slightly prefer ‘Trail blazer’. Ryan talks a lot about how to train (in a human way) and describes his training schedules. It gives you a good idea on how hard it actually is. When reading ‘Run or die’, you are constantly overwhelmed by Kilians superior talent…

There’s so much more:

Lizzy Hawker can run… / Runner

Hal Koerner teaches you how to become a better (trail)runner / Field guide to ultrarunning

Travis Macy talks about balance in life, work and sports / The Ultra Mindset

To top it all off, Départ, A Photographic Travel & Adventure Guide. Not specifically about running. But it will keep your juices flowin’ for sure.

We can make this list so much longer… 

So if you have any tips, please let us know.


T& J.


pictures: SANDY CROES


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