Bookarun, how it all started.

Well, where to begin? What’s this ‘bookarun’ thing?

First of all, we (Thomas & Johan) share one similar passion: running… Running, as in: short powerful runs, peaceful morning runs, multistage runs abroad, marathons, 10K speedruns, trailruns… We love it all & do it all.

it’s an ‘all day, every day’ thing and we found each other, sharing that same passion. How it started? With a cup of coffee and the crazy idea of running a multistage run in the Pyrenees. So we booked our flights there and then, and did exactly that!

The #PSR2017 (read all about it on our next blog) is a 7day journey through the Pyrenees, running more then 240K with over 15000M of ascent. It’s safe to say, during these 7 long days, we had a lot of time to talk new ideas, share our dreams, look for new goals and crazy adventures. ‘Bookarun’ was born.

Bookarun: a running platform that does two things.

1/ inform about our passion: running. How to prepare for a multiday race? What are the best ultratrails around? Training schedules, diet/food tips, anything really. (send us an email with your questions if you like!)

2/ and most important to us:  start a community, from and for runners. So we invite everybody to come and run with us. To discover our city, Mechelen or to go for a long run in good company. 

We truly hope to inspire people to get out there, run, enjoy it and live it.

cheers, J & T.



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